STERNKLANG SARUME Interconnect Coaxial 0,80m.

401,64 €

"It seems to me that a wire of audio cable is not a solid body but a living organism in which numerous cells breathe. Each cell has it’s own vibration damping function and they all cooperate with each other. 

The cable theory of Sternklang originates from this idea.

If you put Sternklang cables in your system, you will rediscover the true potential of your audio components." 

Koji Teramura, Founder of Sternklang Inc. Japan

Sarume Interconnect Cable is intended for use in phono, line and digital single ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) interconnect applications.

Il prezzo indicato si riferisce ad una coppia terminata RCA da 0,80 m.


Type of cablecoaxial cable

Wire material:    hot / coated 0.5 mm diameter alloy of silver and gold

             cold & shield / coated OFC custom braided wire.

Insulation tube : Teflon

Coating material : Non electrostatic organic material

Jacket : polyethylene terepthalate (PET)

Terminal RCA: KLE Classic Harmony

Terminal XLR: Switchcraft A3MB & A3F

Available in Pink or Snake Skin colours

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